Easy Party

Stress free, Enjoyable Events

Why not have your next birthday party with us? Hassle free and easy!

Choose enchanted fairy garden tea party or exciting pirate adventure. Parties are onsite at our Matamata garden and include a complimentary delightful specially themed cake value at $245.

Enchanted Fairy Garden Tea Party

The fairies arrive and meet "Fairy 'Nuff" she grants each little fairy her wings, wand and tutu!

Then they are ready to learn some fairy secrets. They retire to the canopied garden to play special birthday games. After the fun they search for letters left in the garden by real fairies!

When they are hungry the table is spread with special fairy treats! And the birthday song is sung and the cake cut.

Stay. Enjoy the enchanted garden with your little ones! And when it's home time each little fairy swaps their wand and tutu for a goody bag!

Pirate Adventure

Aargh, me hearties! Join Captain Polly for a pirate birthday party!

Each child will be greeted by Captain Polly. Who provides pirate getup for all the little shipmates.

They join her on deck for party games including "captain says" pin the patch on the pirate. Pass that parcel, matey. Starbard.Port and stern. Musical boats. All the best nautical games. Then they are presented with a treasure map. Each pirate will use their map to find a special treasure.

Then gather to the Captain's table for some piratey grub. The birthday song is sung and a special themed treasure chest cake is cut.

At the end of the day each little pirate is presented with their very own pirate loot bag.